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But my man, typically, stays strong and professional, and will usually work with people with good attitudes.

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We chose to fight for what we knew we had. Men assume that if a man is good-looking and starts coming on to a woman, that the little woman is just not going to be able to resist temptation.

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You feel that they are being taken advantage of and that they should have fought to keep the price at what they know their work is worth. When I see this, my blood boils.

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But even then, you as their support and cheering squad will not feel that they have been done right. Personally I like women with tattoos, it shows she's not close-minded and has a sense of art.

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Since a tattoo shop consists of mostly men, a sole female in the mix becomes the center of attention, which tends to drive any sort of relationship into the ground. I should make my boyfriend read it too.

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I want to address this clearly because I have seen it happen over and over. I dating your tattoo artist feel like I can't compete with them because they are 20 years younger than I am.

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If it breaks you down, get out. Believe me, when someone cries tears of joy over the work that your significant other just did for them, whether it was a memorial or whatever, you will understand why the good artists are willing to haggle a little bit, and it will fill you with pride in your lover.

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It requires alot of attention to detail to tattoo with a single needle. So don't sweat it!

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But personally i wouldn't have a problem dating one because they are some of the chillest and hottest guys: Every day I struggle with the issues his job brings, with biting my tongue over ungrateful customers, and with believing stories that would seem ludicrous if it was anyone but him telling them.

As soon as the puppy phase is over, and fighting starts people turn and run.

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Some customers will complain no matter what the cost of the tattoo, some even get rude. But we get over it, we make up, and when it really comes down to it, we know we can trust each other. Twenty is not acceptable for any tattoo, no matter how small simply due to the cost of supplies.

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If it makes you feel low, run. The biggest that I have found after five years is not something you would expect.

After Five Years, This Is What I Have to Say . . .

Grow a pair, please. You will feel as if they are being taken advantage of even though they truly do have final say-so on their price, and can say no if they chose to.

As soon as it gets hard, people run. One thing good about him is, he is not into smokes and drinks. That doesn't make any sense. I know when he comes home at 3 am and tells me his back hurts from tattooing that he is telling the truth.